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ban this filth
Ban This Filth
Pensioners Barbara, Jill and Brenda are on a tirade against Britain's moral decline. The ladies run their Ban This Filth campaign from the chintz and comfort of Barbara's country cottage. They are delighted to have been awarded a six-part weekly series, which they intend to use to highlight evidence of the debauched state of the nation. Each week the moral campaigners will tirelessly seek out all that is smutty, rude and sexually explicit on TV and in the cinema, both at home and abroad, and then show it to viewers. As a warning, naturally.

Each show features a round up of what not to watch on TV in the coming week, with clips of all the most explicit bits and full listings of when the shows will be on and what time the sexy bits occur (so that viewers can be absolutely sure to avoid them). There is also a weekly DVD chart, which will give viewers a rundown of the latest Hollywood filth to avoid.

The campaigning blue-rinse-brigade is also very concerned about foreign 'muck' and Jill is their roving reporter seeking out graphic naughtiness of the European kind. From bum-jewellery in France to political pornography in Florence, Jill aims to expose the most blatant sexual material from the continent. With clips, of course, to inform UK viewers of the depravity around the world.

Ban This Filth exposed all that is risqué, rude and downright sleazy and then showed it to viewers in all its shocking detail. So that they were appalled. The show aired in October 2004 on Channel 4, but the campaign continues...

More: www.banthisfilth.com

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ban this filth